Services We Provide

Case Managment Services

Link sickle cell clients and families with resourves withing the local community that can address needs that fall outside of the scope of the association. These resources allow families to receive assistance and supprt that they are entitled to, but have little or no knowledge of how to access them.


Clinical Support Services:

Provide support to clients/patient who attend the Sickle Cell Pediatric Clinic at LSU Health & Science Center. Visits to the clinic alow us direct contact with clients and interaction while we address their needs, and provide support and follow-up from visits.


Adult Services:

Assist clients with services to ease some of the additional expenses they encounter. The Northwest Louisiana Chapter provides prescription assistance, Genetic/ Trait counseling, financial assistance where applicable, transportation, and educational assistance.


Educational Services:

Provide awareness and education to the sickle cell clients and the public. To break the sickle cycle, we must get information to those who need it the most, and this is done though health fairs, presentations at local schools, churches, and various civic and social organizations.


Recreational Activities

Activities are provided that allow Sickle Cell families to come together for enjoyment and fellowship in a related social environment.




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