Tournament Rules and Regulations

  1. Tournament play will be governed by rules as written by The Amateur Softball Association of America (ASAA).

  2. The Amateur Softball Association of America officials will officiate at all games.

  3. Double Elimination Tournament:
    • Men: DIVISION - I, II, III, and IV      -     CLASS: A, B, C, D, E
      • Class A – Open Unlimited Home Run
      • Class B & C – Three Home Run Limit
      • Class D- Two Home Run Limit
      • Class E – One Home Run Limit     
    • All home runs exceeding a home run limit is an out.
    • Women:  OPEN

  4. AWARDS:  1st, 2nd, and 3rd    Place Team Trophy in each division & 1st, 2nd, Individual T-Shirts (Each Division)

  5. A one (1) hour or seven (7) inning limit on all games except Championship Games.  All trophy games will be seven (7) innings without any time limit.  However, run Rules will remain in effect

  6. Rosters shall not include more than twenty (20) players.  No player may be added or substituted for another after a team’s first game.  Rosters must be presented to the Tournament Director at least fifteen (15) minutes prior to the start of its first game.

  7. In the event any team uses a player whose name does not appear on the Official Roster, the game shall be forfeited, provided it is discovered before the team(s) involved play their next game.

  8. Home teams will be decided by the flip of a coin.

  9. Team(s) should report to the official scorekeeper with lineups fifteen (15) minutes before each game.  GAME TIME IS FORFEIT TIME.  Teams must be ready to play at game time
  10. The fifteen (15) after four and ten (10) after five run rules will be in effect.

  11. MANAGERS OR THE COACH ONLY may confer with UMPIRES.  Players displaying unsportsmanlike conduct such as willfully throwing bats, abusive language, pushing umpire, causing unnecessary scenes, etc., will be suspended from further competition in the tournament.  Any player so suspended must leave the playing area in one (1) minute or his/her team will forfeit the game.

  12. Only the Amateur Softball Association of America (ASAA) approved balls will be utilized. THE BALLS MUST BE PURCHASED FROM THE SICKLE CELL DISEASE ASSOCIATION.  Any ball not purchased and stamped with the Sickle Cell Disease Association’s stamp will be ruled an illegal ball. THIS RULE WILL BE ENFORCED THROUGHOUT THE TOURNAMENT



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